Here's the hottest rust servers:

#41 RUST ROOM 1.5x | MAIN | Wipe 19.07

Rust Room — это улучшенный классический сервер в Rust с продуманной блокировкой доната. Вайп по пятницам в 12:00 Глобальный вайп каждый месяц — Динамические слоты — Без ограничения кол-ва игроков в команде (NOLIMIT) — Кастомная карта размером 4250 — Убран весь лут кроме компонентов в бочках на дороге — Ускоренные печки — Ускоренный крафт — День 55 минут, ночь 5 минут — Увеличенный спавн всех камней

#42 [EU] - 2x Vanilla

Wipe Schedule:     Map - Mondays & Thursdays @ 3PM UK / 4PM CEST, or when force updates occur.     BPs - Monthly @ Force VIP: Features:     - 2x Vanilla     - Faster bright only night     - Junk items removed from loot     - Tier 1 BPs unlocked     - QoL improvements (Doesn't effect Vanilla gameplay) Good performance Active non playing admins Seeds are carefully picked Discord:

#43 Rusty Moose |US Monthly|

Official Rusty Moose US Monthly Map Wipes: Monthly @ Update Blueprint Wipes: N/A (doesn't wipe BP) Be sure to join our discord to get more involved with the community and stay up to date with news and announcements!

#44 Intoxicated EU Vanilla 1 - 18 Jul - Fresh wipe

This is a vanilla server, there are no changes to gameplay. Map is wiped every second week. Blueprints are wiped on the first Thursday of every month. Last wipe: 18 Jul (map only) - Next: 1 Aug @ Update (map + blueprints) The admin does not play. There's absolutely no admin influence when it comes to gameplay, unfair advantages, pay to win bullshit or bias towards anyone. Updates: | |

#45 Vital Rust - EU Mondays | 3x | No BPs

The most competitive, perfectly modded servers in rust. All modifications to the server are meant to promote player pvp interaction and quality of life. Weekly Wipe: Mondays @ 2PM London Time VIP & Queue Skip:     - 3x Gather Rate     - No Blueprints     - 50% Craft & Smelt Time     - Adjusted Loot Tables & Faster Respawns     - 10 Player Teams     - Reduced HV Rocket PVP Damage     - No Safe Zone on Fishing Village     - 70 Min Day, 10 Min Night     - Always Bright Night     - Tier 2 Puzzles @ 10 Min Reset     - Minis, Scrappies, Boats, RHIBs and Horses spawning     - No Horse Gang Join our Discord by logging in at

#46 WARBANDITS.GG EU 2X |Solo/Duo/Trio|X2 JUST WIPED 24/07

Welcome to 2x Solo/Duo/trio! On our servers we provide the best Rust gameplay. We run multiple balanced plugins to improve the quality of the game. Our servers also run on the best Network & Hardware possible to improve your ingame experience on our servers! ✦ 2x Gather Rates ✦ 2x Crafting Speed ✦ 2x Components and Scrap ✦ Recyclers at additional monuments ✦ Custom High Performance Maps ✦ Extended Workbench range ✦ Long Days & Short Nights ✦ Group Limit: 3 ✦ Active Staff ✦ Fast Smelt Make sure to join our discord server before playing by pressing the view webpage button or by visiting the link

#47 5x No BPs [Loot++|PvP|MyMini|Shop]

Welcome To 5x No BPs! - Heavily boosted loot, ensures there's lots of PVP and Raiding. - Spawn Mini Copters in with /mymini spawns with unlimited fuel - 5x Gathering and Resources - No BPs & Instant Craft - Clans, Auth Share, Teleport - Everyone has access to BGrade, SkinBox, Auto Doors, Remove - Custom Raid Zones

#48 MAGIC RUST #19 [ NOLIMIT | VANILLA X2 | FRIDAY ] Wipe 19.07

Лимит игроков в команде: без лимита Характеристики серверов: • Рейты добычи ресурсов x2 • Скорость крафта x2 Вайп карты: каждую пятницу в 12:00 Вайп рецептов: каждые две недели, начиная с первого вайпа

#49 - US Medium III

Wipe: Biweekly (2-weeks) on Thursdays @ 3PM New York time (or when forced) Base Pop: 200+ players | Map size: 3500 | BP Wipe: NO BP wipe     REPORT A PLAYER: or in-game using /report     STORE:        |    SUPPORT:     RULES:        |    DISCORD: What to expect:     - High quality gameplay and player experience     - Player based map voting for upcoming wipes     - Custom anti-cheat and active server moderation     - Hosted on the highest-end server infrastructure available

#50 - 3x Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad | FULL WIPED

Welcome to Ace Rust, the heart of modded rust      - 3x Gather Rate      - Max Team: 4      - Custom Loot Tables      - Tier 1 BPs unlocked      - Recyclers at Dome, Oilrigs, Cargo & Fishing Villages      - Long Days & Short Nights      - Automated Teaming Detection      - Custom AntiCheat