EU RENEGADE 2x Monthly Main | 50% Upkeep | No BP Wipe | Noob Friendly

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===Welcome to RENEGADERUST.COM=== Wipe: 1st Thursday of each month @ 2 PM EST No BP Wipe VIP PERKS - DISCORD - ===FEATURES=== >/playtowin - Earn points for playtime to purchase FREE VIP >RAID ALARM - Alerts you via Rust+ when your base is damaged >50% UPKEEP - For easy upkeep and big bases >FASTER OIL RIG RESPAWN >CONVOY EVENT - Armored convoy you can fight for loot >PREMIUM LOOT TABLES - 2x with junk removed >SHORT NIGHTS - 5 Minutes >MORE MINIs AND BOATs SPAWN >EXTRA - recyclers/repair/research bench at dome, oilrig, fishing, ranch, and cargo ===VIP and VIP+ FEATURES=== NO P2W >AUTO AUTH - Auto auth teammates on TC/locks/turrets >FURNACE FILLER - Easily load/unload furnaces >SKINBOX & SKINNER >BOX SORTER and more... ===RULES=== >No VAC or Steam game bans within 90 days >No EAC bans within 180 days >No more than 2 total bans >No racism or homophobia Complete rules can be found at our website, discord, and /rules in game [RS-b4cf09c0]