Here's the hottest rust servers:

#31 Rusty Moose |US Mondays|

Official Rusty Moose US Mondays Map Wipes: Mondays @ 3pm EST (unless forced wipe) Blueprint Wipes: N/A (doesn't wipe BP) Be sure to join our discord to get more involved with the community and stay up to date with news and announcements!

#32 [EU] 20/6 - 2x Vanilla

Wipe Schedule:     Map - Mondays & Thursdays @ 3PM UK / 4PM CEST, or when force updates occur.     BPs - Monthly @ Force VIP: Features:     - 2x Vanilla     - Faster bright only night     - Junk items removed from loot     - Tier 1 BPs unlocked     - QoL improvements (Doesn't effect Vanilla gameplay) Good performance Active non playing admins Seeds are carefully picked Discord:

#33 - EU Trio | Monday Wipes

Monday weekly wipes, Blueprints wipe every Month Buy SkipQueue at: Discord: Please follow the rules below: - English in chat - Max of 3 players authorized on Codes & TC's at all times -Max of 3 players per group - Max of 3 players per base - Max of 3 players roaming /raiding - No making deals of any kind with another team to not kill each other/work together - No allowing a player in your base from another group under any circumstances - No Allies and or Slaves - No hotels / giving away bases (you can abandon a base) - No Racism, Homophobia, Harassment or Excessive Toxicity - No Advertising - Any form of cheats / hacking is not allowed - Staff have final say, being toxic to staff will get you automatically removed - Any association with a gamebanned rust account or playing with a user with a old gamebanned rust account will cause you to be banned Swapping Rules: - Remove all bags/beds for the players that is leaving - Change codes ( If you don't change codes you can potentially be banned for authorizing more than 3) - Clear TC - Player that is leaving can not return to your group for the rest of wipe

#34 - EU Large

Map Wipe - Monthly BPs Wipe - No BP Wipe Skip the Queue | Visit Join our community to get updates, support, giveaways, and more at Our server rules can be found at

#35 - US Long III

Wipe: Monthly on Thursdays @ 3PM New York time (or when forced) Base Pop: 200+ players | Map size: 4000 | BP Wipe: NO BP wipe     REPORT A PLAYER: or in-game using /report     STORE:        |    SUPPORT:     RULES:        |    DISCORD: What to expect:     - High quality gameplay and player experience     - Player based map voting for upcoming wipes     - Custom anti-cheat and active server moderation     - Hosted on the highest-end server infrastructure available

#36 - EU Monthly

Description - Welcome to Reddit's official /r/PlayRust EU Monthly server! - No cheating or exploiting. No impersonation of staff members. - No spam, racism/slurs, discrimination. - No Rust gamebans on previous accounts. Visit /r/playrustpublic for server discussion! Support: Discord: Monthly Map Wipe @ Force / BP's Do Not Wipe

#37 - EU Main

Welcome to Reddit's official /r/PlayRust EU Main server! - No cheating or exploiting. - No spam, racism/slurs, discrimination. - No Rust gamebans on previous accounts. VIP: Rules & Support: Discord: Weekly Map: Thursdays @ 3PM UK / BP Wipe @ Forced

#38 Atlas - US 5x | No BPs | Kits

Atlas Rust Servers | Made for the most competitive Wipe times 5:00 PM EST Wednesday 3:00 PM EST Saturday Links • • Features • 5X Gather • 10X Sulfur • 5X Loot (removed junk) • Custom events • Boosted custom kits 24 hours discord staff support

#39 [EU] - 3x Solo/Duo/Trio | FULL WIPED

Welcome to Hollow Servers, the heart of modded rust      - 3x Gather Rate      - Max Team: 3      - Custom Loot Tables      - Tier 1 BPs unlocked      - Fullbase Workbench      - Instant Crafting/Faster Smelting      - Recyclers at Dome, Oilrigs, Cargo & Fishing Villages      - Long Days & Short Nights      - Automated Teaming Detection      - Custom AntiCheat      - Free skinbox for everyone

#40 Vital Rust - EU Mondays | 3x | No BPs

The most competitive, perfectly modded servers in rust. All modifications to the server are meant to promote player pvp interaction and quality of life. Weekly Wipe: Mondays @ 2PM London Time VIP & Queue Skip:     - 3x Gather Rate     - No Blueprints     - 50% Craft & Smelt Time     - Adjusted Loot Tables & Faster Respawns     - 10 Player Teams     - Reduced HV Rocket PVP Damage     - No Safe Zone on Fishing Village     - 70 Min Day, 10 Min Night     - Always Bright Night     - Tier 2 Puzzles @ 10 Min Reset     - Minis, Scrappies, Boats, RHIBs and Horses spawning     - No Horse Gang Join our Discord by logging in at