Here's the hottest rust servers:

#51 - EU Small

Welcome to Reddit's official /r/PlayRust EU Small server! - No cheating or exploiting. - No spam, racism/slurs, discrimination. - No Rust gamebans on previous accounts. VIP: Rules & Support: Discord: Weekly Map: Thursdays @ 3PM UK / BP Wipe @ Forced

#52 UKN.GG - EU Sandbox - Creative | Build | Noclip

Build anything you'd like and try out your base designs with unlimited resources! - Unlimited resources - Private Build Areas - Base Saving - Vehicles - Noclip - Anti-Grief - Custom Building Tools UKN Store @ UKN.GG/Store UKN Discord @ UKN.GG/Discord

#53 - EU Vanilla | 2X Thursday 28.09

Wipe every Thursday at EST 9:00 am /GMT 2:00 pm / MSK 17:00. Semi-classical 2X: No donate; Resource extraction 2X; No limit in the team; Recycle in a fishing village and ranch. Buy VIP: Project rules: - NO use: Hack/Cheat/Macro/Script; - NO offending the server Administration; - NO racism; - NO talking about politics.

#54 - US | 2x Vanilla | Thursday | Shared Bps | 9/28

Thursday weekly map wipes, Bps wipe on force wipe Purchase Vip at: Discord: Use /rules in game to see our rules Shared BP's with Team Half Craft & Half Recycling Full Base WorkBench Junk removed from loot tables Plus More!

#55 US RENEGADE 2x Monthly Main | 50% Upkeep | No BP Wipe |

===Welcome to RENEGADERUST.COM=== Wipe: 1st Thursday of each month @ 2 PM EST No BP Wipe VIP PERKS - DISCORD - ===FEATURES=== >/playtowin - Earn points for playtime to purchase FREE VIP >RAID ALARM - Alerts you via Rust+ when your base is damaged >50% UPKEEP - For easy upkeep and big bases >FASTER OIL RIG RESPAWN >CONVOY EVENT - Armored convoy you can fight for loot >PREMIUM LOOT TABLES - 2x with junk removed >SHORT NIGHTS - 5 Minutes >MORE MINIs AND BOATs SPAWN >EXTRA - recyclers/repair/research bench at dome, oilrig, fishing, ranch, and cargo ===VIP and VIP+ FEATURES=== NO P2W >AUTO AUTH - Auto auth teammates on TC/locks/turrets >FURNACE FILLER - Easily load/unload furnaces >SKINBOX & SKINNER >BOX SORTER and more... ===RULES=== >No VAC or Steam game bans within 90 days >No EAC bans within 180 days >No more than 2 total bans >No racism or homophobia Complete rules can be found at our website, discord, and /rules in game [RS-b4cf09c0]

#56 #1 [ 2x Solo - Quad ] WIPED 02.10

✯ Welcome to ✯✯ Rust gaming community since 2014 ✯✯✯ Join Us: ✯ Want to skip the queue? Get it at ✯ Fullwipes every Thursday 14:00 CEST ✯ Map wipe every Monday 14:00 CEST ✯ Max Team: 4 Players ✯ Skinbox for free. Write /help for all commands ✯ Electric BP's are unlocked ✯ 2x Gather Rates. ✯ Half smelt and crafting speeds ✯ Faster nights ✯ Fishing Village and Large Barn with Recycler ✯ write /help for all commands ✯ no Kits, no TP and no P2W! Admins do not play or interfere with gameplay. Visit for more information.

#57 [US] RustAcademy 10X No BPs Main [Loot+/Shop/Kits] JUST WIPED

Welcome To RustAcademy's 10X NO BPs. The heart of competitive Rust. You start with all blueprints and do not have to research anything in our servers. You also do not require a workbench to craft items. The server is 10X meaning you will gain things at 10 times the speed. Want to skip the queue and get access to incredible ranks and kits? Want to join the Discord for announcements and information? Team UI Limit: 20, English in chat only!

#58 - EU Medium

Wipe Schedule:     Map - Bi-Weekly on Thursdays @ 3PM UK / 4PM CEST, or when force updates occur.     BPs - Monthly @ Force VIP: Rules:     - No hacking / scripting     - No intentional bug abuse     - No EAC / FP banned alts     - No ban evading     - No racism Good performance Active non playing admins Seeds are carefully picked Discord: Full rules:

#59 Rusty Moose |US Mondays|

Official Rusty Moose US Mondays Map Wipes: Mondays @ 3pm EST (unless forced wipe) Blueprint Wipes: N/A (doesn't wipe BP) Be sure to join our discord to get more involved with the community and stay up to date with news and announcements!

#60 - EU Trio | Monday Wipes

Monday weekly wipes, Blueprints wipe every Month Buy SkipQueue at: Discord: Please follow the rules below: - English in chat - Max of 3 players authorized on Codes & TC's at all times -Max of 3 players per group - Max of 3 players per base - Max of 3 players roaming /raiding - No making deals of any kind with another team to not kill each other/work together - No allowing a player in your base from another group under any circumstances - No Allies and or Slaves - No hotels / giving away bases (you can abandon a base) - No Racism, Homophobia, Harassment or Excessive Toxicity - No Advertising - Any form of cheats / hacking is not allowed - Staff have final say, being toxic to staff will get you automatically removed - Any association with a gamebanned rust account or playing with a user with a old gamebanned rust account will cause you to be banned Swapping Rules: - Remove all bags/beds for the players that is leaving - Change codes ( If you don't change codes you can potentially be banned for authorizing more than 3) - Clear TC - Player that is leaving can not return to your group for the rest of wipe