Here's the hottest rust servers:

#51 EU | AndysolAM 2x Vanilla JUST WIPED

Welcome to AndysolAM 2x Vanilla - The Official Server of AndysolAM! Some of the exciting features active on the server include: -2x Gather Rate -Half Crafting Times -Short Nights -Junk removed from loot tables -Tier 1 BPs unlocked Be sure to get involved in the AndysolAM community by joining our Discord:

#52 - US Medium

Wipe Schedule:     Map - Bi-Weekly on Thursdays @ 3PM EST, or when force updates occur.     BPs - Monthly @ Force VIP: Rules:     - No hacking / scripting     - No intentional bug abuse     - No EAC / FP banned alts     - No ban evading     - No racism Good performance Active non playing admins Seeds are carefully picked Discord: Full rules:

#53 [EU] - 10x No BPs [Loot+/Shop/Kits] JUST WIPED No BPs/WB 10x EU - The trend setters of Modded Rust.     Tuesday & Friday map wipes at 4PM UK All blueprints unlocked by default with no requirements for workbenches. Increased PVP interaction with events. Kits & VIP available at Active non playing admins. 24/7 admin support. Custom plugins. Amazing performance. Trend setters of modded Rust. English only chat. Frequent airdrops. View our range of specialised servers at

#54 - US Trio

Welcome to Reddit's official /r/PlayRust US Trio server! - No cheating or exploiting. No impersonation of staff members. - No spam, racism/slurs, discrimination. - No account bans <100 days old. No Rust gamebans on previous accounts. VIP: Rules & Support: Discord: Current Wipe Cycle: Jan 13 - Jan 20 (Weekly Wipes/Monthly BPs) Wipe Time: 3PM EST. Trio Server Rules -Max 3 players living in a base. -Max 3 players authorized on TC, codelocks and turrets. -Max 3 players roaming/raiding together. -No roaming/raiding with players not authorized on your TC. -No alliances/teaming. -No slaves. -No giving away bases. -No hotels. -Do not allow people outside of your trio into your base/compound. -Trading with another team should only be done through shopfronts or a vending machine. No swapping out players. The 3 you start with is the 3 you finish with. The rules may not cover every possible scenario, therefore the r/PlayRust staff reserves the right to handle unique situations on a case by case basis.

#55 [US] 10x (Quick) |PVP+|LOOT+|MYMINI| JustWiped

Welcome to RustMania 10x NoBPs! Information: Discord - VIP Store - Steam Group - On this server you will gain everything at 10x the speed! You will not even need to collect blueprints! The following are some of the features of our server: - Trade - Teleport - Mymini - Kits - Discord Auth - Clans - ETC*

#56 [US] 1/17 - 2x Vanilla

Wipe Schedule:     Map - Mondays & Thursdays @ 3PM EST, or when force updates occur.     BPs - Monthly @ Force VIP: Features:     - 2x Vanilla     - Faster bright only night     - Junk items removed from loot     - Tier 1 BPs unlocked     - QoL improvements (Doesn't effect Vanilla gameplay) Good performance Active non playing admins Seeds are carefully picked Discord:

#57 - US | 2x Vanilla | Thursday | 1/13

Thursday weekly map wipes, Bps wipe on force wipe Purchase Vip at: Discord: Use /rules in game to see our rules Shared BP's with Team Half Craft & Half Recycling Full Base WorkBench Junk removed from loot tables Plus More!

#58 ICEFUSE.NET 1/14 (5X Alpha|BPS|Clans|IC|Kits|TPR)

Welcome to Icefuse's only 5X Alpha server, here you can be sure to blow off all that explosive sperg energy you have been saving up. But be warned, there are many other spergs just like you.. waiting... watching. SERVER FEATURES: - Clans - Kits And Rewards - Instant Crafting - Teleportation Wipe Schedule: 4 Days (or when forced.) Discord: Teamspeak: Forums: /rules in-game to view our rules for this server. /wipe in-game to see the wipe schedule.

#59 Vital Rust - AU 10x | No BPs | Kits | Clans

The most competitive Clan vs Clan server in Rust, created by some of the most experienced players. All changes are quality of life for clans and are designed to promote roams and raiding. Twice Weekly Wipe: Tuesday/Friday @ 3:30PM AEDT Kits & Queue Skip:     - 10x Gathering and Resources     - No BPs & Instant Craft     - Clans, Auth Share, Teleport     - Everyone has access to BGrade, Furnace Splitter, SkinBox, Auto Doors, Box Sorter, Remove     - Improved Loot & Faster Respawning Loot     - Faster Puzzle Resets     - Always Day Time     - Reduced HV Rocket PVP Damage Join our Discord by logging in at

#60 Tommygun's Frag | US | Escape From Rust | Aim Train | Battle | UKN

Frag Mod is a team-based PvP mode with progression in weapons, armour and vehicles. Three teams of 8 fight for control of a destructable city. Earn XP and $ for playing the objective, getting kills, killstreaks, bounties, vehicle kills, and more! Unlock weapons, armour, vehicles, and explosives to crush your enemies in glorious combat! Progression wipes every 4 rounds, or roughly every hour. -AimTrain -Duels -Skin Wagering -Combat Arenas