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#14991 Rusty Cyanide-Solo/Duo/Trio-Vanilla-MonthlyWipe-NoobFriendly

Welcome to Rusty Cyanide Noob Friendly server enjoy – Solo/Duo/Trio only – Monthly Wipe Every first Thursday of the Month – Please go onto the Discord to read the rules and for updates. Click on the 'VIEW WEBPAGE' tab to be taken to the Discord channel.

#14992 Rust
#14993 5/13 Rust Monster 2x Quad | Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad | BP WIPE

5/13 Rust Monster 2x Quad | Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad | BP WIPE 2 Week Full Wipe | Thursday 4/29 1 Week map Wipe | Thursday Discord *No Pay To Win * VIP -Cosmetic Quality of life VIP no guns or material. 2x Gather, 1.5x Sulfur 2x Components 2x Stack Size 2x Smelt Speed 2x Crafting speed 1x explosive crafting VIP Plugins Furnace Splitter BGrade Skinbox Sign Artist Queue Skip

#14994 WesternNoobs! Weekly!

Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad Weekly Vanilla Rust Server. Join Our Discord for Rules ,Event , and Wipe Info.


No server description has been provided.

#14996 Rusted Isolation PVE | Player V Environment | Raidable NPC Base

Welcome to Rusted Isolation 5x PVE! We are a 5x PVE server hosted in Chicago Raiding and looting have been disabled. Raidable bases automatically spawn in. Check your map for locations. Airfield and Sewer Plant have guards protecting. For a full list of commands, visit

#14997 [EU] Wild-Rust Solo/Duo/Trio 2X Just FULL WIPED 28/04 2x Solo/Duo/Trio We provide Bi-Weekly BP wipes. Or when low pop Last wipe: 16.04.2020 (BP WIPE) Next Wipe: 21.04.2020 (Map wipe) The original 2x Wild-Rust server. Perfectly modded 2x server mixing in Vanilla elements with your casual modded gameplay. Kits & VIP available at Active non-playing admins. Admin support 24/7. Amazing performance & no lag. English only in the chat. Join our discord at

#14998 Test server

No server description has been provided.


Survive as your can. Good Luck!

#15000 RFM