Here's the hottest rust servers:

#14991 [GER/EU] German Anfängerfreundlich FULL WIPE 06.01

Map Size 3500 | Next Wipe 14.01 | Max. Group of 5 | Server restart at 6 AM CET

#14992 Rust Server
#14993 [US] 4/2 Titan Friendly|Zombies|RaidBases|ZLevels|Loot+|LowDecay

Multiple events Arenas, Zombies, Duelist, Dangerous Treasures and NPC Raidable Bases. No burning food, furnace splitter, 2X loot with many other QoL improvements. Vanilla gather rate, increased with ZLevels. Raiding available soon during primetime hours. Read the /rules.

#14994 Random Rust Server - Max 4man/Vanilla

Just a Random Rust Server

#14995 Nerfmagnet's Rust Server

Welcome to my Rust Dedicated Server! Have fun!


* Recursos al 1.5X - KIT Inicial * Proximo WIPE Mapa: Miercoles 10 de FEB - Proximo WIPE Total: Miercoles 17 de Febrero. * Maximo 4 Jugadores por equipo. * Prohibidas las alteraciones del juego: Exploits, Hacks, Scripts, ETC. * Entra al DISCORD abajo en el boton azul y lee todas las reglas.


Noob hostile No decay Biweekly forced and necessary wipes only Also try our other servers, BLOOD RUST and BLOOD RUST MINI

#14998 FTV Rust Server

FTV RP + PVP Rust Whitelist Server *to be Whitelisted, click the View Webpage button below* Server Info: - RP + PVP (Vanilla Server) - Custom Map (Safe Zone + PVP Zone) - Bi-Weekly Wipe Schedule - Backpack Mod (6-slots) - Casino Mod (more Gambling!) - PvE Events (Bradley, Guarded Crates, etc...)

#14999 [ESP] GatitosFixed NOWIPE/TP/LootMejorado/Clans/StacksMejorados

Solo Wipes Obligatorios / Loot Mejorado / TPs, Home Levels / Skins / Clanes / Hornos Mejorados Informate de todo en nuestro discord:! Como el original pero con mas gatitos

#15000 [EU/PT/ENG]RustStation #1 3X FULLWIPE 06/02 [loot+\TP\SkinsForA

Welcome to RustStation Server -Last Wipe/ FULLWIPE 06/02 -Wipe 1x\month -3x Gather -LOOT+    P\SkinBox - -Admin24/7 -ENJOY! -Advantages of VIP + -Server Tag (VIP+) Custom category on discord Exclusive rooms on discord (uptades etc) Faster admin response Giveaways Soon Suggestion room for future updates to the server /sethome /Kits (clothes, tools etc) /mini (To spawn your miniheli)