Here's the hottest rust servers:

#14981 K3MZ Multizone GaminG

Welcome to a Rust Dedicated Server\K3MZ this is best server play have fun

#14982 Rust Mexico [ESP] Vanilla

Rust Mexico [ESP] Vanilla Proximo wipe: full wipe 4 de febrero Grupo discord: Entra a este servidor vanilla, donde no hay lag. Wipes de mapa cada 15 dias y de Bp(recetas) cada mes. Maximo por team 8 Reglas del servidor: -No insultar a los administradores. -No ser racista. -No hacer spam en el chat. -Si vas a reportar a alguien por hacks, trae evidencia que lo demuestre(Video de preferencia).

#14983 Swiss Cheese Factory x2, MAX3 | The Better Vanilla

2x Farmingrates, 1x Sulfur & Components, x1.5 ScrapRecyclingrate Faster smelting/recycling/night/craftingtime. FurnaceSplitter&most Electricity BPs Solo/Duo/Trio only. 0 Alliances of any kind, 1 warning then ban Cheating or Exploiting in any kind -> insta PermaBan 0 Bullying or Racism = Warning then Ban Trading is Allowed only in Outpost/Banditcamp or over Shops Weekly Fullwipe(Map&BP) at Friday 19:00(CET) -> At Forcedwipe weeks we only do the Forcedwipe (at Thursday) Active none playing Admin. Playing Mods ( only power is Mute and Ban ) Performant dedicated Server based in a Datacenter in Germany. Mapsize 3500

#14984 [EU] World of Decay 3X | [SOFTCORE]

Welcome to [EU] World of Decay 3xCustom premium plugins and additional custom anticheat plugins installed.SERVER RULES*Max 3 ( rule is actively monitored)*No Glitching, Scripting, Macros, Hacks, Exploiting or Being a Jammy Sod.*Respect Staff decisions*Do not spam side chat & type in english. *Discord:*Website: http://www.comming-soon.wip* Community:

#14985 Untrusted |Staging Test Server

Private Staging Server for Testing DO NOT PLAY!

#14986 Rust Server

Welcome to a Rust Dedicated Server Powered by

#14987 [EN/UK] SoS Rust | Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad | 1/4 Upkeep

Vanilla server, with active admins Monthly BP & Map Wipes every two Weeks. RULES No Homophobia No Racism No active base stealing or locking base after a raid Door Camping to a minimum. 30 Minutes duration, 30 Minutes cooldown Max Group Size is four Active Admins on the Server are allowed to play. Please report Admin Abuse.

#14988 [EU] DKK | x2 | Solo/Duo/Trio | 18.03 JUST WIPED! Beginner Frie

Welcome to Die Keller Kinder x2 Solo-Duo-Trio, an English/German speaking community with a slightly modded Vanilla Server. -Weekly Map & Blueprint Wipe at 18:00 CET Last wipe: 18.03.2021 13:00 CET time -Adult and active Admin Team with 24/7 Support -2x Gather (Vanilla Sulfur), x2 Crafting (Except Raid Items) -Map size: 3.5K Vanilla -Plugins: Quicksort, Quicksmelt, Furnace Splitter, BlueprintShare, QuietHours (2am-7am) and much more. -Rules: � 1. Do not be overly toxic/racist. � 2. No cheating, scripting or abusing glitches to gain an advantage over other players. � 3. Maximum 3 players in group � 4. English only in public chat � 5. Base overtake is forbidden! Full description of the rules in Discord!

#14989 WolfNET East Coast

4X Gather, 4X Barrels, 6000 mapsize, buy vehicles, fair/limited teleport, community built wipe persistent town (court, arena, racetrack) *** Coalition of streamers built and moderated. *** Growing community - Play Fair, Have Fun!

#14990 Altschauerberg 8

Altschauerberg 8