Here's the hottest rust servers:

#14981 [EU][PL] Wisla W budowie/ Rekrutacja na DC

Serwer w fazie testów, na Discord trwa nabór na administracje i moderacje. Zapraszamy!

#14982 [10/29] 710 GAMING | SOLO/DUO | 3X | LOOT+

This is a US SOLO/DUO only server. The server full wipes every Thursday at approximately 2 PM EST. The plugins on this server are: 3x Gather Rate | Furnace Splitter | Quick Smelt Advanced Loot Tables | Instant Crafting Bgrade | Remover Tool | Leveling Teleporting | Private Messaging | Trading This server uses the BP system, however all electrical components are already learned. Join the Discord!

#14983 Dust of Rust - SOLO/DUO 3X Biweekly 19/04

Welcome to Dust of Rust Last Wipe - 19-04-2021 Next Wipe - 02-05-2021 Map - Wipe Biweekly BP - Wipe Monthly Rules: - Respect Everyone - SOLO/DUO - No Cheating - Noob Friendly Features: - 3X - Free Kits To everyone - No pay To Win - VIPs Mode (Hundreds of Skins) - Ddos Protection - Anti Cheat

#14984 PVP Server Modded |2x|MiniCopters|Cars|Rewards

Join the Best PVP and the most funny Rust Server Custom Plugins Own Minicopters and Cars Events Rewards and Shop Quick Sort Faster Crafting Fiendly community and admins Join now!

#14985 EU/CZ Rusty&Vanilla - FullWipe 4.6.

FULL WIPED - 4.6 - Map + Blueprints SOLO / DUO - Max Map 3600 Enjoy

#14986 Rust server Rust server

#14987 WarzoneZ 2x Main Vanilla - No Group Size Limit

Brand New high perfomance dedicated server Semi Vanilla x2 Map Size: 3000 No group limit Weekly Map Wipe Biweekly Blueprint Wipe server website:

#14988 RZX Clan Private Server

A server for RZX members only. Anyone outside the clan will be removed.

#14989 The Tavern

Low population Rust, just looking for a good time. VERY friendly. Come have a cold one with the boys. The mods in this server are only intended to serve as QOL improvements. Some stack sizes have been increased, cook/smelt times are slightly faster, and crafting time is slightly buffed. Rules are simple, just don't be a dick. Discord: Admin: silfaint#4126

#14990 [US] 2X Kings Rusty Playground

Welcome to King's Rust Playground!