Here's the hottest rust servers:

#14981 18/2 - 5x NoBPs |Loot++|Shop++|PvP++| JUST WIPE

#14982 Rustegy 2X [JUST WIPED 08.02, NOOB FRIENDLY, TRIO MAX]

Welcome to Quantumium Rust SOLO/DUO/TRIO only server Weekly map wipes, Monthly BP wipes Map Size: 3k 2x Vanilla Server, with Active Admins and ChatMods

#14983 [DE/EU]COVID19 20.02.2021 Full Wipe

Active Admins Wipe is Every Week |Max Team 4 Players|| |Only EN/DE in Chat|| Next Wipe 26.02.21 . Support over Discord:[ESC]->[View Webpage] Second Long Term Server: (Wipe every 4 weeks)

#14984 \| shop \| kits
#14985 [Rust Zone] PvE 3x|PVP Zones|CustMaps|Events|Purges|R

✭LAST WIPED: 2021-08-05✭ For detailed information please enter /info in chat while in-game - The Server wipes on force wipe Thursday at 20:30pm GMT+1, we have a mini-purge that begins every Thursday at 20:30pm GMT+1 to 23:30pm GMT+1, backpacks wipe every 2 months and blueprints every month. ◦ Custom Maps ➛ A new map each wipe ◦ WaterBases ➛ Build on top of water with custom items ◦ PvP Monuments ➛ Specific monuments are PvP, some remain PvE ◦ Backpacks ➛ They wipe every 2 months ◦ Blueprints ➛ Custom research costs and no tech tree to keep a little bit of that classic grind, wipe each month ◦ Skills ➛ Level up your skills to increase crafting speed etc ◦ ChestStack ➛ Directly place boxes ontop of each other ◦ Raidable Bases ➛ PvE and PvP raids are available, Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Nightmare ◦ HeliTiers ➛ Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Nightmare ◦ GUIShop ➛ Access the shop to buy and sell from anywhere ◦ Zombies ➛ Fight hordes of zombies that roam the map ◦ Leaderboards ➛ See where you place against others for various tasks ◦ Custom Lifts ➛ Customize the way your base elevators work, travel to a specific floor, restrict floors to clan members and more ◦ Economy ◦ Kits ◦ Quests ◦ Achievements ◦ Night Vision ◦ Realistic Weather ◦ Trade ◦ Custom Loot ◦ Base Upgrade ◦ Furnace Splitter ◦ Amusement Rides ◦ Bounties ◦ Craftable Recyclers ◦ Auto Repair Items ❥ Discord: (view webpage button) ❥ Steam:

#14986 [TR] Survivor Emek Yeni |14.12.20|Saat 14:00 Wiped

Turkiyenin admin yardimsiz guvenilir tek sunucusu. Iyi Oyunlar dileriz.

#14987 | 2x | 09 / 09

The one and only RustyPot server where you can win skins by simply playing the game!

#14988 Oasis 2x
#14989 [CL] - Solo

Servidor sin equipos para una experiencia personal; 100 slots para lobos solitarios. Reglas Solo.     Max. 1 jugador autorizado en un tc y códigos durante un wipe.     Max. 1 jugador raideando o moviéndose juntos.     Alianzas, regalar bases y ayudas no permitidas. Respeta a los jugadores; amenazas, actitudes tóxicas, y odio en general no serán permitidos Ciclos Mapa/BP Semanales Sáltate la fila!