Here's the hottest rust servers:

#15001 Rustania - EU Main | Fresh Wiped| Active Admins | 21/04 Wiped | Noob Friendly

Rustania EU Main. Wipes every Thursday 7pm GMT. Rules: 1. No bans under 90 days 2. Be respectful 3. No Racism- in chat or voice. 4. No Hacker Association. 5. No walling off Outpost. 6. Alt accounts with bans under 180 days will be banned. 7. Rules are not limited to those above. Admins can deal with a situation how they please depending on the circumstance.

#15002 EU | 10x NoBP's One Grid

Welcome to 10x NoBP's One Grid Here we provide you with a large range of plugins which will give you one of the best experiences you can have on a 10x NoBP's server. Some of the plugins are Gathermanager, Clans, TP, KIT, Home. Wipe schedule: Tuesday & Saturday @ 3PM CET. Our administrators and higher up DO NOT play on the servers, They are looking out for people breaking our rules. Server Rules: 1. No Racism, anti-semitism, homophobia, or any other forms of discrimination. 2. No flooding / spamming chat 3. No Cheating, abusing any exploits 4. You are only allowed to team with people in the same clan 5. Max clan size 4 people, including sleepers 6. No advertising on any of our rust servers.

#15003 Origin Rust 5x Monthly | No BP | Kits | Insta | TP | Custom Loo

Origin Rust Server wipes the first Friday of every month at 1pm CST. Features: Quicksmelt, Bgrade, Skinbox, TP, Home, Instacraft, AutoTeam, AutoTPaccept, Autodoors, Autocodelock, Custom Maps, Custom Bandit/Outpost, Custom Events, Furnace Sorter, Raid/Combat Block, No BP, No Wet/Heat/Cold, Remove Tool, Vehicle Spawn Flares and much more! All servers are ran on high end Dedicated machines, and we have an active staff if you have any issues. Come join us today for an amazing Rust Experience!

#15004 LoPeng's PVE with Economy

LoPeng's PVE with Economy.

#15005 Deadcrew - Vanilla 2x Solo/Duo/Trio 21/04

Deadcrew - Vanilla 2x Solo/Duo/Trio

#15006 [GER] TrueRust

Der Beste Server EU - NORD & WEST!

#15007 Test 3

Powered by Pterodactyl


#15009 [US] Hawaii Mini 3X

Get some 808 bitches on this server. 3X Gather Rate. Active, non-playing admins. Ultra small map for maximum PvP. Quad Team Limit.

#15010 GBG - EU Main | Classic Full Wipe 23.08

Welcome to the server! We wish you a pleasant and atmospheric game! The server is completely classic ! We don't use mods.