Here's the hottest rust servers:

#15001 [TR/EU] Official FraMoose FullWipe Max 5

[TR/EU]Official FraMoose Communit

#15002 Vanilla PVP Server | 1x Loot | Join NOW!

Join our Rust Vanilla PVP Server No mods 1x Loot A lot of fun Friendly community No LAGS Check more info at

#15003 [EU] Death Life Rust 2x Solo/Duo | 26.03 FULLWIPE (Classic) |

Welcome to Death LIFE x2 Solo-Duo ХAuto Kick Vac 360 days Х lvl 0 accounts Х 2 or more vac bans \nХPerfectly balanced 2x resources, Vanilla loot & scrap ХStack Sizes - stone-wood-metal-sulf x3 ХDiscord Rewards: claim per 20 hours ХMax 2 Players authorization on code locks, turrets Х3.6k map Size RULES: ХMaximum 2 players per team, no alliances allowed ХEnglish only in chat, no one wants to see stuff they cannot read. ХDon't be racist, this is a big NO. So please don't do it.

#15004 Praetorian 10x perfect mod duos 3/14

No server description has been provided.

#15005 My Untitled Rust Server

No server description has been provided.

#15006 10X No BPs JUST WIPED 5/21|Kits/Shop|Trade|TP|PvP|

Welcome To 10x -No Cheating Or Exploiting -No Spam Or Racism -No Excessive Toxicity Or Harassment Towards Players Nor Admins -Wipe Schedule -Wipes Every Thursday Weekly -Monthly BP Wipes Need To Contact Us? Join Our Discord Sever

#15007 [SEA] | BP & MAP WIPE MAY 28

3500 Map Size | 1 week Map Wipe | 2 weeks BP | Active admin | Next Wipe | June 5 |

#15008 Le Royaume de la Merguez

Royaume du bien-aimé Raoul Merguez 1er du nom. Elfox et Will les plus bo ;)

#15009 [WIPED 06/06] Anarchy Server PVP|RAID ON/OFF|NO RULES|PURE PLAY
#15010 Zaxiens server

No server description has been provided.