Here's the hottest rust servers:

#91 UKN.GG - EU RustFortress x100000000 - Battlefield | FUN | PVP | NoBP | MILLION

Build, Raid, Fight, and Repeat! Welcome to Rustfortress's Battlefield server Wipe Schedule: Fridays @ 4PM BST or at Forced Features:     ✦ No Farming required     ✦ Skinbox     ✦ Custom Loadouts     ✦ Mymini     ✦ In-game shop with $ gained through PVP     ✦ And much much more.. Custom maps, Good performance and active admins

#92 WARBANDITS.GG US 3X |Solo/Duo/Trio|LootX3| JUST WIPED 02/25

Welcome to 3x Solo/Duo/Trio! On our servers we provide the best Rust gameplay. We run multiple balanced plugins to improve the quality of the game. Our servers also run on the best Network & Hardware possible to improve your ingame experience on our servers! ✦ 3x Gather Rates ✦ 3x Crafting Speed ✦ 3x Components and Scrap ✦ Recyclers at additional monuments ✦ Custom High Performance Maps ✦ Extended Workbench range ✦ Tier 1 BPs unlocked ✦ Long Days & Short Nights ✦ Group Limit: 3 ✦ Active Staff ✦ Fast Smelt Make sure to join our discord server before playing by pressing the view webpage button or by visiting the link

#93 - US Main

Wipe: Weekly on Thursdays @ 3PM New York time (or when forced) Base Pop: 400+ players | Map size: 4000 | BP Wipe: Monthly     REPORT A PLAYER: or in-game using /report     STORE:        |    SUPPORT:     RULES:        |    DISCORD: What to expect:     - High quality gameplay and player experience     - Player based map voting for upcoming wipes     - Custom anti-cheat and active server moderation     - Hosted on the highest-end server infrastructure available

#94 - EU | 2x Vanilla | Thursday | Shared Bps | 2/22

Thursday weekly map wipes, Bps wipe on force wipe Purchase Vip at: Discord: Use /rules in game to see our rules Shared BP's with Team Half Craft & Half Recycling Full Base WorkBench Junk removed from loot tables Plus More!

#95 [US] Bloo Lagoon 1.5x | Solo/Duo/Trio | 2/22

[Group Limit] : Max group size of 3 players, this includes people offline. Welcome to Bloo Lagoon Solo\Duo    rio the enchanced vanilla experience with the following modifications: - 1.5x gather rate on resources - Improved Barrels (Only components) - 5x Auto Turrets limited per Tool Cupboard with restricted ammo capacity - Nights are only 5 minutes long, and always bright. For more information and VIP please visit

#96 WEREWOLF GAMING.CO 5x Solo/Duo/Trio|Loot X5|TP|Homes|Kits|

          ▶The Professionals of Modded Rust◀ Welcome to Werewolf 5x Solo/Duo/Trio Our range of servers offers the best Modded Gameplay in Rust. Our unique setup of Plugins, active Staff & perfect balance will offer the best modded Gameplay Experience. We operate on the best hardware possible for a Low Ping experience. ➤ Max Group: 3 ➤ Active Staff ➤ 5x Gather Rates | 5x Crafting Rates | 5x Components & Scrap ➤ BP Clan Sharing | Tier 1 BPs unlocked & electricals ➤ Ultra High Performance Custom Maps | Additional Recyclers ➤ Automatic Auth Sharing|Tool Cupboards|Code Locks|AutoTurrets ➤ Extended Workbench Range ➤ Custom Improved Loot Tables ➤ Teleporting & Homes ➤ Increased stack sizes ➤ Bgrade Discord:

#97 [EU] Facepunch 2

This is an official server owned and operated by Facepunch. People are free to speak whatever language they like. Don't be surprised if you get banned for being abusive.

#98 [EU] Stevious 2x | Solo/Duo/Trio | 22/2

Max Teamsize: 3 players (Includes players offline) Visit for VIP (Queue Skip) and Rules / Discord information. Weekly wipes and the following modifications: 2x Gather Rates (2.5x for Sulfur and Wood) Half smelt and crafting speeds (Vanilla for raiding items) Building and Level 1 Workbench blueprints unlocked Component System loot tables (Junk items removed)

#99 - SEA Main

Wipe Schedule:     Map - Thursdays @ 3PM CST/4PM KST/5PM AEST, or when force updates occur.     BPs - Monthly @ Force VIP: Rules:     - No hacking / scripting     - No intentional bug abuse     - No EAC / FP banned alts     - No ban evading     - No racism Good performance Active non playing admins Seeds are carefully picked Discord: Full rules:

#100 #1 BroRust X5/X10|MAX 3|WIPE 27.02|TP|KIT|LOOT+|SHOP

✓ У нас нет лагов ✓ Приватный AntiCheat ✓ X5/X10 | MAX 3 | TP | WIPE 27.02 | CraftSystem | KIT | InstaCraft ✓ Ресурсы X5/X10, Лут X2.5/X5, Карьер X5 ✓ Можно играть с Bloody и X7(без макросов) ✓ Copter - коптеры спавнятся на дорогах как раньше ✓ Добавь в ник и получи /kit daily и 50 рублей бонуса! ✓ Сайт: ✓ 2nd Store: ✓ Группа VK: ✓ Discord: ✓ Telegram: rs0rSAc1Qb7/3iy?MFdKF3