WARBANDITS.GG US 2X |Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad|X2 JUST WIPED 03/28

Server banner

Welcome to WarBandits.gg 2x Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad! On our servers we provide the best Rust gameplay. We run multiple balanced plugins to improve the quality of the game. Our servers also run on the best Network & Hardware possible to improve your ingame experience on our servers! ✦ 2x Gather Rates ✦ 2x Crafting Speed ✦ 2x Components and Scrap ✦ Recyclers at additional monuments ✦ Custom High Performance Maps ✦ Extended Workbench range ✦ Long Days & Short Nights ✦ Group Limit: 4 ✦ Active Staff ✦ Fast Smelt Make sure to join our discord server before playing by pressing the view webpage button or by visiting the link warbandits.gg/discord

  • Online
  • Address:
  • Players: 39
  • Country: US
  • Modded: Yes
  • TYPE: modded
  • MAP: WarBandits Map Generation
  • RANK: 41
  • PVE: NO
  • Website: https://discord.gg/nXJSJSZ