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2x Farmingrates, 1x Sulfur & Components, x1.5 ScrapRecyclingrate Faster smelting/recycling/night/craftingtime. FurnaceSplitter&most Electricity BPs Solo/Duo/Trio only. 0 Alliances of any kind, 1 warning then ban Cheating or Exploiting in any kind -> insta PermaBan 0 Bullying or Racism = Warning then Ban Trading is Allowed only in Outpost/Banditcamp or over Shops Weekly Fullwipe(Map&BP) at Friday 19:00(CET) -> At Forcedwipe weeks we only do the Forcedwipe (at Thursday) Active none playing Admin. Playing Mods ( only power is Mute and Ban ) Performant dedicated Server based in a Datacenter in Germany. Mapsize 3500

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  • Players: 0
  • Country: DE
  • Modded: No
  • TYPE: community
  • MAP: Procedural Map
  • RANK: 14983
  • PVE: NO
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