Repulsion - Solo/Duo | FULLWIPE 25/02 25.02

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Repulsion is a High Quality Rust organisation. We thrive to ensure players recieve the best experience and server administration there is available. We host our machines on High Quality, Dedicated servers using next generation hardware in our London datacenter. We are a non P2W community, and all donations will go towards improving and funding our dedicated machines and tools. Wipe schedule: Map & BP Wipe Biweekly on Wednesdays and Sundays. Group Max: 2 Queue skip: Discord:

  • Online
  • Address:
  • Players: 6
  • Country: NL
  • Modded: No
  • TYPE: community
  • MAP: Repulsion Generation
  • RANK: 267
  • PVE: NO
  • Website: