EU 19/09 | AndysolAM 10x No BPs TRIO [PVP | Shop | Loot+] WIPED

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Welcome to AndysolAM 10x No BPs TRIO - The Official Server of AndysolAM! Some of the exciting features active on the server include: -Team limit of 3 players -Custom Raid Zones -Raid Zone Wall Regeneration -Kits -Teleportation -Loot+ - And much more! Be sure to get involved in the AndysolAM community by joining our Discord:

  • Online
  • Address:
  • Players: 116
  • Country: GB
  • Modded: Yes
  • TYPE: modded
  • MAP: procedural_3750_e4345daa-e6b7-4
  • RANK: 18
  • PVE: NO
  • Website: