GentleRust 5x Monthly SoloDuo RaidableBases

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A mostly Vanilla experience with some light mods in place to tweak the game in favour of Solo or Duo players. Ultimately you should be able to spend less time farming and more time playing. Getting killed or getting raided should be less consequential as a result of how easy it is to get stuff. - Solo or Duo teams only - Raidable Bases will auto-spawn in for people to raid guilt-free. - Gathering is set to 5x (Sulfur at 2.5x) - Base decay is massively reduced. - Crates and Barrels have more scrap and components (Especially underwater). - AI (Scientists and Heli) are less accurate with their shots and do less damage. - Minicopter does not decay when in shelter. - 10 minute night time, 50 minute day time. (Vote to skip night is enabled) Forced wipes only (Map & BP) Server based in Australia

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  • Country: AU
  • Modded: Yes
  • TYPE: modded
  • MAP: Procedural Map
  • RANK: 15290
  • PVE: NO
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