Dark Tide Land Wars

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land claim creates a unique new way to play Rust, Claim land, fight wars, and battle for supremacy!At its heart, land claim adds the idea of territory to Rust.The game is divided into a grid of tiles matching those displayed on the in-game map. Players can create factions, and these factions can claim these tiles of land and levy taxes on resources harvested therein. Factions can declare war on one another and battle for control of the territory.I highly recommend clicking veiw web page to join discord being that there is a long list of commands to use!,

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  • Country: US
  • Modded: Yes
  • TYPE: modded
  • MAP: oasis0map3
  • RANK: 15286
  • PVE: NO
  • Website: https://discord.gg/bRvRZr2Fhv