Viking's 100x|Wiped: 26/2|PvP|No BP/WB|5Clan Max|Kits|TP|BGrade

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RUST - Viking's |100X|PvP|No BP/WB|5Clan Max|Kits|TP|BGrade|Home| Wiped: The last wipe was on Friday 26/2 The next wipe will be on Friday 5/3 (7 day wipe schedule) -AntiWounded -AutoDoors -AutoLock -AutomaticAuthorization -BetterLoot -BGrade -Clans -FurnaceSplitter -InstantCraft -KDRGui -KillFeed -Kits -LightsOn -Loyalty -NoWorkbench -PrivateMessages -QuickSmelt -RemoverTool -SharedDoors -Trade -TownTeleport Come join the fun and chaos that will be! Be sure to report any bugs you find and/or encounter!

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  • Country: SE
  • Modded: Yes
  • TYPE: modded
  • MAP: Procedural Map
  • RANK: 12451
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