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Welcome to Perfect Aim Train. We have a diverse arrangement of different events and game modes designed to help you perfect your aim. This includes Combat Arenas, where your only goal is to eliminate the enemy team on any one of our many flat or custom maps, designed to simulate real fights. With countless loadout and gun combinations, you will be able to master every weapon. Our Targets & Aimtrain bots help you perfect your aim at ANY distance, with both moving and stationary bots to train on, you can be sure youll be dominating the battlefield in no time. Free For All: fight for the most kills in our fast paced free for all game mode. With many different custom made maps to chose from, every fight feels unique If youd like to support our server, go to to donate for VIP Need Help? Join our discord! [NA] Perfect Aim Train Servers: - Main - Medium [EU] Perfect Aim Train Servers: - Main - Medium

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  • Address:
  • Players: 228
  • Country: US
  • Modded: Yes
  • TYPE: modded
  • MAP: PATChristmasUKNSCrim001
  • RANK: 25
  • PVE: NO
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