[US] Rustoria.co - 10x No BPs [Loot+/Shop/Kits] JUST WIPED!

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Rustoria.co No BPs/WB 10x US - The trend setters of Modded Rust.     Tuesday & Friday map wipes All blueprints unlocked by default with no requirements for workbenches. Increased PVP interaction with events. Kits & VIP available at donate.rustoria.co Active non playing admins. 24/7 admin support. Custom plugins. Amazing performance. Trend setters of modded Rust. English only chat. Frequent airdrops. View our range of specialised servers at https://rustoria.co/servers

  • Online
  • Address:
  • Players: 114
  • Country: US
  • Modded: Yes
  • TYPE: modded
  • MAP: Procedural Map
  • RANK: 88
  • PVE: NO
  • Website: http://rustoria.co