VENUX.GG - US | 1.5x Vanilla | Max 5 | FULLWIPED 9/01

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Venux is a high performance community established in 2020. From the beginning we have always sought to provide the best gameplay, player and administration experience. We are hosted on the best possible hardware and protected by network of more than 12Tbps against DDoS attacks. We are a community without Pay To Win. All donations made on go directly to pay for our servers and future tools. Wipe Schedule: This server wipes maps weekly (Thursdays 2PM EST) and blueprints monthly (Thursdays rust update). Server modifications: • Read the server rules about the team limits with /teamlimit in-game • Server with group limit of 5 | Team UI 5 People • 60 minutes day | 10 minutes nights • Restarts every day @ (06:30AM EST) Join our discord server to appeal bans/mutes, view our store, find out the latest server updates, play with your friends and much more. Click 'View Webpage' or go to to join now.

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