US Rustinity 2x Monthly Large Vanilla+ [No BP Wipes]

Monthly map wipes on Forced wipes (first Thursday of each month @ 2pm EST) Blueprints don't wipe unless forced by Facepunch, last BP wipe was December 2021 Discord: VIP (no pay2win) No group limit | 12 Team UI size All server changes: 2x gather rates on everything 2x craft times, recycler & smelting speed 2x stack sizes on some resources Some minicopters spawn on the roads Drone marketplaces at Fishing Villages & Ranches Bandit Camp merged into outpost for better FPS performance Increased shoreside boat spawns Recyclers at Dome, Oilrigs, Cargo, Ranches & Fishing Villages Nights are 5 minutes long Food doesn't burn Active admins --------------- Rules: (more with /rules) No cheating/exploiting. No Rust game banned alts in the last 180 days No more than 1 Rust game banned alt No VAC bans that are less than 120 days old Playing with cheaters/evaders will result in a ban No more than 2 steam bans (vac/game bans combined) No VPNs, limited/not setup steam accounts