Rustinity 5x No BPs|PVP|Better Loot+|Kits|Shop|x5NoBPs|10xComps|JUST WIPED

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Rustinity 5x No BPs wipe every Saturday at 12pm EST/every Wednesday at 2pm EST and on forced Discord: Max group size 8 5 minute nights, no cold/heat No blueprints, all gather rates are 5x Instant craft, no workbenches Clan system Custom and fitting loot drops Bandit Camp merged into outpost for better FPS performance Useful outpost vending machines Cars spawn with HQM parts, ready to drive Active admins And so much more Rules: (more with /rules) No cheating/exploiting. No Rust game banned alts in the last 150 days No more than 1 Rust game banned alt Playing with cheaters/evaders will result in a ban No VPNs, limited/not setup steam accounts